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In early 2021, 10 countries had stockpiled 75% of all COVID vaccinations and 130 countries had not received a single dose.

Welcome to Pandemica.

ONE came to us with an urgent challenge - nationalism and self-interest were driving wealthy countries to hoard vaccines. Without vaccine distribution everywhere, the virus would keep circling the globe, mutating and popping up again somewhere else. 

Welcome to Pandemica. Where pandemics go on forever and vaccine equity is conspicuously absent. Voiced by Bono, Penelope Cruz, Kumail Nanjiani, Danai Gurira, Michael Sheen, Wanda Sykes and 35 other celebrities, a cast of creatures and critters brought the message to life. Adapted into 15 languages and nearly 400 creative assets, the campaign attracted the attention of the global media, legislators and the public at large, sparking in-depth discussion.

Pandemica’s animated world animates a simple truth - that where you live shouldn’t determine whether you get these life-saving shots. Even while many of us still wait our turn, we need to commit to making sure that billions of people around the world aren’t left at the back of the line.

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In September 2021, theWorld Heal adopted Pandemica to further efforts to raise awareness of vaccine inequity.