Connected Women Leaders Project Dandelion

When women lead, action follows.

We are on the cusp of a climate safe world, but because we are not moving fast enough to cut carbon emissions, we are facing a catastrophic climate and nature crisis. The people that do the least to cause it are suffering the most, especially women and girls.

WRTHY is proud to work with Connected Women Leaders, a collective of 100+ women leaders from the global south and global north and Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, Chairman of The Elders and Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, to accelerate climate justice.

This is the issue of our time, because every issue we care about is a climate and nature issue.

A new women-led campaign, Project Dandelion calls on leaders, NGOs, movements and individuals around the world to unite in action for a climate safe world.

Our research highlighted that the climate crisis is a communications crisis. A gap exists in the climate movement, presenting an opportunity to accelerate change by reaching beyond the climate community and raising awareness, united under a single vision.

No unified mass mobilization campaign reaching a global audience currently exists. The fossil fuel companies are taking advantage of this, spending billions to misinform and divide us. Divided, we will fail. United, we can build a climate safe future for all..

We are inspired by the resilience of the Dandelion, which is the only flower that blooms on every continent. It has one goal - to seed more dandelions. That is Project Dandelion’s goal too.

Project Dandelion will be a tool for all leaders and social justice organizations to reach new people, show solidarity with frontline leaders, and ultimately apply public pressure to leaders around the world to prioritize Climate Justice.

WRTHY created the name, brand strategy, operational plan, design aesthetic, creative campaigns and website design for Connected Women Leaders–the founders of Project Dandelion; with support from the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations. WRTHY brought on the talents of the creative studio Office to build the identity system and makemepulse, a global interactive production studio, to build the website.
Projectdandelion.com went live July 10, 2023.
Project Dandelion is actively seeking funding to build a seven-year campaign.