ONE #PassTheMic

Hear from experts. Not celebrities.

On behalf of the ONE campaign we launched #PassTheMic on May 21, 2020 and asked celebrities to give up their most powerful tool, their social media platforms, so experts on all things COVID-19 could help educate the world on how we can protect ourselves, protect others and ensure equitable access to solutions.

Our mission was to leverage public awareness and engagement to prod political leadership to support legislation to help all countries (not just wealthy ones) navigate the pandemic effectively.

Over the course of the campaign, 42 celebrities took turns handing over their accounts to 43 experts, who’d then use them to blast out facts, data and science to explain why a coordinated global response was critical for ending the pandemic.

Pass the Mic is one of the most high-profile campaigns that ONE has done, and put critical heat and attention on the need for a global response. The US has now committed $18.5 billion to battle the pandemic globally. And ONE was and is an integral partner to ensuring that commitment.

Tom Hart, Executive Director North America, ONE


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