Women Moving Millions for a gender equal world

1.6% of US philanthropic funds go to organizations fighting for equal rights for women and girls. Less than 0.5% of giving from foundations goes to women and girls of color.

Women Moving Millions (WMM) is a global philanthropic community of individuals who have each given $1 million or more to resource women and girls. WRTHY originally partnered with Women Moving Millions in 2019 to create a bold strategy and five-year plan to catalyze resources for a gender equal world.

In 2020, we brought this vision to life. The Give Bold #Get Equal campaign is designed to mobilize $100 million in new philanthropic commitments to women and girls by 2022. It addresses the philanthropic leadership void at this critical moment in time by highlighting that equal rights need equal support. Women Moving Millions surpassed their 2-year $100 million goal by $11 million in just nine months.


Commitment made at Generation Equality Forum in July 2021


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In 2022, we developed the identity (including naming, stage design, signage, collateral and social and digital materials) for the Women Moving Millions annual summit.

We are more democratic when people have access to participation.

Melanne Verveer

It’s not about Democrats or Republicans, it’s a question of Democracy vs Authoritarianism.

Aimee Allison

This is a very fraught time–but it’s also a time of possibility, because people are seeing change happen, and they are fighting back.

Mona Sinha

Our lived experience is enough to be trusted.

Teresa Younger

We don’t ask people what they do with their dividends–but we ask them what they do with their food stamps.

Amy Castro